CDA 40 is an insurance company specialized in surety bonds
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This area is dedicated to the verification of the surety policies and quotes issued by CDA 40.

By entering the unique code printed on the application form and / or on the surety policy, you can verify its authenticity.

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Digital signature

The digital signature is the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature and has the same legal value. The key element of the digital signature is represented by the digital certificate for signing, issued by an accredited certification body to the holder of the signature. The surety policy signed digitally allows the recipient to verify immediately the validity of the certificate and to obtain information about the signer of the electronic document. Our policies fully comply with European legislation in the field of digital signature.

Surety Policy

A hard copy surety policy issued by a broker with a scanned signature is equivalent to electronic surety policy with a digital signature. All technical obligations regarding generating and use of electronic signatures are compliant with rules and regulations.

In accordance with the law, the document has the following features:

  • Authenticity: with a digitally signed document, you can be sure about the signatory's identity;
  • Integrity: once signed, you can be sure that the electronic document has not been modified;
  • Non-repudiation: the electronic document signed with a digital signature has full legal validity and cannot be repudiated by its signatory.

These characteristics are therefore assuring the digitally signed document its legal validity and make it comparable to a document signed with a handwritten signature.

To check the verification as explained above or to download the document in its original electronic format, please click here.